Nov 19 2023 - Nov 19 2023

Dream Teeth Pulling: 2023-11-19

Had dream I was pulling out my teeth one by one while at work. Didn't hurt and actually felt better. Like there was too much in my mouth and pulling them out made things fit better. Started with just 1 or two around my canines where I know they don't fit nicely then I kept going. Then there was like a second throat in my mouth I could put MH whole hand in and teeth in the back of my regular mouth. I pulled out lot of junk from the second hole and my mouth felt great. Wasn't scary like dreams where my teeth fall out on their own, comforting even where it felt good to take them out. Of course whenever I went to the bathroom it was my bathroom at Williamson, still my home in my dreams. Had huge huge order received that had arcade games and such. One was a baby ddr machine where it had smaller pads next to a normal one, and I kept playing on it.

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