Jun 06 2023 - Jun 06 2023

Drag Shows Are Fun, For All Ages: 2023-06-06

Just think of it this way. It is a person in costume, their gender doesn't matter. Is that costume appropriate for school? Then it is fine regardless who chooses to wear it. If someone is wearing something not appropriate for a children's environment then I would be against it, again regardless of their gender or sex. Bright fun costumes often are a great way to get the attention of children, and it is great to read to them, it is fun reading to them and educating them and teaching them love and kindness, understanding, empathy, compassion.

Because who doesn't like reading to children? It's great to be part of their education and nourish a love for books. Children find costumes fun so will enjoy it all the more. Just like other groups love reading to children as well, it is a good thing.

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