Jun 29 2023 - Jul 15 2023

Daisy: 2023-06-29

Daisy passed away last week, it was quite sudden. We knew she was getting old, sometimes move a bit slower, bit calmer, big on her routines, had that old dog look but still seemed generally healthy. We had noticed a bit of a lump by her front leg but it didn't seem like anything, and not sure what could have been done if we knew something was wrong. We took her in for a walk in the morning and seemed perfectly fine, then in the evening she went into her pool and when she came out she didn't shake the water off but just lay there. She sat there for a while completely wet and wouldn't dry off. We coaxed her inside where she seemed rather tired and not her usual self. Doug was nice enough to come over so we could take her to the vet. Once there we found out she had a tumour burst and was bleeding out on the inside. Surgery was expensive and not a good outlook anyways, so we decided to put her down. She always seemed rather healthy until now, it all hit so suddenly.

We got Daisy as a puppy while we were still at our old place on Matheson, before Logan was born and Ryder was 1 or 2 I believe. It was shortly before moving to our new place with the bigger yard. Disrupted life for the cats for sure. She loved the new yard when we moved and having dog friends on both sides of us, she would run around the house in circles over and over, having us play fetch endlessly with her. She has been with us for well over half our marriage at this point, and has seen various other pets come and go, especially when we fostered, Harley and Angel, Calvin, Muu, Nutmeg, Besteur, Monzy. She survived the house fire with us, but wasn't the same after and her and Angel never got along after that so we had to give Angel up for her safety. She would have lots of fun with other dogs though, and for a while her and Harley and then Angel would run around like crazy together. We learned to be better dog owners with her.

She was always Diana's dog, Angel and Harley were kind of mine. Daisy loved Diana though, sleep with her every night, and follow her around the house all the time. If Diana was working in the basement she would sleep at the top of the stairs all day, even though we kept telling her she was allowed in the basement. When Diana worked outside she would curl up by Diana's feet outside with her in the gazebo all day and just be content.

After we got Jack he started a kind of rivalry with a black cat a few houses down, so Daisy decided she no longer liked Iggy so much also being a black cat, and would chase him into the basement constantly. After Daisy passed Iggy enjoyed some freedom but now Snow has taken over this role. She otherwise got along really well with the cats, sometimes breaking up fights. Daisy would sometimes sleep with Calving or Muu or Besteur, or they would be kind of together on the couch. She was a bit protective of the cats and if they weren't happy she would often jog over to come investigate.

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