May 10 2023 - May 10 2023

Computer Back: 2023-05-10

Well got my desktop back. Slowly getting all the software back together. Seems it may have been the hard drive for the C drive failing, the SSD I use for the systems file. Made me realize I haven't been the best with my back-ups, and part of why I made this site as well, to have an external backup of everything that is important to me. Had to take it in a few times, fix the OS for it to fail again playing Angry Birds 2 or whatever, hopefully it stays fixed this time and I can start relaxing again.

Cut my hair, will probably go into that more in next few days, try to write/read more in general, but no more long hair, no more long beard. Maybe less daily games where you are compelled to do so much every single day and more just fun games, more casual play,jump in, jump out. I think the need to do my dailies all the time has kind of taken a lot of fun out of it, where I would otherwise enjoy various games.

Took Clara & Logan to the Y, started raining on the way back, even got some hail so Logan ran home ahead while I covered Clara with my backpack the rest of the way. Never got too big so was just a bit of early summer fun.

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