Feb 05 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Code Improvement Month: 2011-02-05

So February I have dubbed code improvement month. I will spend this month going through my entire website, updating all the old code to reflect new practices I have learned. I will patch some security holes I know exist, and hopefully learn a lot more this month than I used to know. I will hopefully make things run faster, smoother, sleeker. I will be going through all my old stories and posts and correcting grammar/spelling if I notice any mistakes. I'm currently starting with learning about sessions, I will then move on to updating my thumbnails, and then the actual images, so they can load faster. After that if I have time I will do some more research into video support. What's been holding me back on videos is I want to be able to do it with one format, under the video tag, but as there is currently a format war going on it's hard to decide what to convert everything to. This simplifying of my code will move me one step closer to making a public version this, Gigi. My main problem with public support has been some obvious security holes, which I've patched most of now, as well as how hard it seems to be to configure a new install of my code; improvements to come.

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Trish Rempel - 2011-02-09 23:53:21:

Good luck to you! I'm an application developer, but I would probably balk at rolling my own CMS. Hats off to you for perservering and learning through continual improvement!

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