May 03 2021 - May 03 2021

Closing Down GiGi Project: 2021-05-03

Well the GiGi project never really took off, and I haven't really done any updates to this website in almost a decade. I'm trying to be more active on it, but it does what I need to, get my words, photos, videos, media down in a blog like format. Last improvement was 7 years ago adding video and image tagging. I always intended to work on tagging old photos and increasing the functionality so I could easily search and group photos. Never found the need though to expand on it. If I was to work on it more, I would add a add tag feature to when I upload the image itself.

I have changed the image at the bottom from linking to the GiGi site, to just being an image, I chose not to remove it as part of the history of what I was trying to grow this into. I will be working on removing sub-domains and clearing up some old code throughout the week, and maybe think of new features I want in the future.

My main goal with creating GiGi was to improve my coding skills by not just making something that worked, but something that worked well. By coding not just for me but for others I worked on making things more usable and universal, instead of always having to dive into the code to make things function. I will try to keep that lesson in mind. I found I wouldn't do regular things like create a new sub-page as it was a multi-step process. Eliminating steps and making it more intuitive made for a better experience for me. Over the last few years there has been no big update, but I have simplified my video uploading process, though I upload mostly to YouTube now, it is nice to have control of my own videos if I choose to upload here.

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