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City Of Winnipeg Needs To Stop Putting Cars Before People: 2023-06-06

I would say I am completely against these 2 projects right now (Kensaton & Chief Pegasus extensions) at an estimated cost of $500 million, each. That money could be much better put towards maintaining existing infrastructure, towards public transit, bike routes, parks, trees, dozens of other things that should be a priority in our city right now than more room for more cars to save a few minutes drive here and there.

Thinking outside of our ward the Arlington overpass is well over due a replacement. If they want a big project to get behind how about moving the rail lines? Can create transit corridors, reduce the need for over and under passes in the city, and help traffic save minutes (which seems to be their big goal) by not getting stuck behind trains anymore. Here's an article mentioning the cost could $150m to move the North End lines:

Winnipeg Sun Article

That is 9 years ago so costs have increased I am sure, but if they want to spend a billion on these 2 projects why not something that will benefit the city larger as a whole and likely to get backing from different levels of government. This will not only benefit cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, but motor vehicle drivers as well throughout the city and will likely be the same cost if not less. This is money that can much more efficiently be spent in improving our whole city.

We need a more efficient denser city that can maintain it's existing infrastructure, and not just roads, but everything we do. Trees planted need to be cared for. A few years ago we lost a lot of our tree canopy, that is slowly being replaced, but they are planting them without the maintenance cost for existing and new trees, so another storm can have big impact on untrimmed and untended trees. I am disappointed this city and council seems to be going strong in a cars before people approach to the city still and hope to see it change in the coming years.

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