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Business Ideas From Reddit: 2023-12-18

So many years ago, 8-10 or so I was making lots of sub-reddits as they had advertised "If there isn't a community for your favourite niche thing, create it!" so I made a lot of sub-reddits on Winnipeg just because, as there was an in joke that everything existed on reddit, so if someone on the Winnipeg sub would link to a sub not created yet I'd just make it, put in a joke description, or serious depending, and maybe some posts. Fun way to pass the time. Now it seems reddit is shutting down a lot of those old subs if they are not active, kind of killing the fun, but I guess it's not active so whatever. I mean if people want the sub name they could always request it or I'd be happy to work with anyone, but I guess it's like clearing out old e-mails that aren't being used. So 1 sub reddit I made was business ideas, so I thought I'd repost them here before it goes away completely.

make a website, list the stores you'll go to, ingredients etc. then just go shopping for the elderly/disabled/lazy/stoners whatever. I assume with the cost of gas going down now is a good time to do this, can sit at home, wait for the orders to come in, promise delivery by 5 PM each day. Have them either order the day before or by 2 PM cutoff, get in the van do all the shopping (sort it by residences), then deliver it all (that way you aren't doing twenty trips to the store a day). I haven't heard of a service quite like this, though similar ones.

Lots of Winnipegers just go to the States to shop to get the variety of items they have there that isn't offered here. Why not have a store that specializes in items that can only be procured in the States? Vanilla coke, nutter butters, cereals, dog food, cat food, snacks, lemon oreos, the list is enormous. Americans seem to get a much larger variety than we do, so why not a store that brings all of that stuff over and sells it, so people don't have to go south to get vanilla coke. I know one store in Garden City mall that sells vanilla coke, they usually sell out as soon as they stock it. There is the demand for these kinds of products, sadly they just aren't available in Canada, or when they are it is years later.

Kickstarter it? I can do the food, need the website, probably an easy to use app for online ordering/app ordering. Restaurant and everything. I wish I could do this, sure can make it a success, just too much money to start a restaurant and build the app/website. I was thinking of doing this with sandwiches or something. Let workers and such pre-plan their lunches, give them discounts for pre-planning for a day, or a bigger discount for pre-planning for the week. Set up a pick up time, maybe even deliver, or have them pick it up on the way to work. This way people can get cheap lunches, and it would be easier for me because I know what everyone wants, and at what time. I would probably also have a small restaurant to compliment the service. Sadly no money to make this work yet. Skip the dishes kind of does this, but without the discounts for ordering ahead of time. I know with their app you can order a few days ahead. Would be nice to plan out a month, but I think the discounts would be a huge way to attract customers, and the sheer volume will make up for it, plus the fact that you know what they want ahead of time makes it easier so can save on labour, only have people on when you know you'll have lots of orders. As well as I was thinking go heavy on voluntary account information. Like pay it really easy to start an account, just an e-mail address and password. But if they want they can add C/C info, so it pays online for them, maybe an auto-tip feature so it always tips what percent you want; or they can add tips on a meal by meal basis. Add allergy information so every time they order a notice with their allergies pops up for the cook. Well I was thinking they can do either or. They are planning on working late for a week, we can take care of meals, order them ahead of time and pick up on the way home. Bigger discount the longer you order ahead. If they just want to use the service twice a month sure, they book the month ahead they'll get a little discount, but more so if they are booking a whole week. And of course we'll have nice pizzas, they are just an open faced sandwich. TLDR; Sandwich/pizza/soup shop that does take out for workers on their way to work, on their way home (for their families) or for lunch. Discounts based on how much you pre-order, and how ahead of time you pre-order. Large variety, can pre-order a whole month and get a good discount. Can get pick-up sandwich on way to work, ready to your specifications, and have supper for the whole family on the way home. Online app/website takes care of payments, so literally just step into the store for a minute, get your order, and get out.

And I'd just note these were all made 8-9 years ago, kind of sign of the times.

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