Aug 24 2013 - Aug 25 2013

Birthday Bash

I knew it was coming and as it got closer to midnight I became rather fearful, and a little excited. I looked down at the clock on the computer and saw it was 5 past 12, maybe she had forgotten. I sat there browsing the internet for another 5 minutes and then she came over to me.

"Happy birthday! Now take off your clothes and stand up." She commanded sternly, yet playfully.

I did as she said, stripping in front of her and facing her, waiting for what I knew was to come.

"Spread those legs far and wide! Come on I want a good target. Now close your eyes, and no flinching or I will have to double your beats."

I obeyed, letting my legs go as far as they could, and closing my eyes and preparing for the worst. Still it hit me like a train and I was down on the ground in a second.

"Oh please, that was just the first kick, you're twenty six today so I still have twenty-five to go, plus one for good luck, and that's just to start this day off."

When it was clear I didn't really want to stand anymore she had me spread my legs on the ground and stomped on my balls 5 times each time sending agony into my body. When it became clear I didn't want to spread my legs anymore so sat down with me and wrapped her left hand around the base of my balls pushing them tight and pulling them away from me. Then she started to punch me with her other hand, giving me twenty hard punches in all. Finally she smiled and kissed me, and licked the tip of my cock with her tongue.

"And now for good luck."

She began to squeeze my balls, softly at first and then harder and harder, one hand firmly on each ball, for what seemed like almost 5 minutes of her just squeezing smiling at me the whole time. She finally let go and gave them two hard quick slaps.

"For shits and giggles" She explained cheerfully.

"My poor baby. His day has just begun, time for bed now."

She led me to bed where she tied my arms and legs up and then joined me under the covers. She was all over me while I couldn't move, kissing me, playing with my cock, putting her breasts in my face. She made me lick her asshole while she fingered her pussy, and then lick all of her cum out of her.

"Now you're turn." She smiled.

She proceeded to jack me off, letting me get close but never quite finish. This went on for about 20 minutes of her just playing with me but not letting me cum. Then she stopped and abruptly left, she came back a moment later with a bottle of hot sauce.

"Now if you're a good boy all night and promise not to scream, I might just let you get off in the morning.

She then rubbed a good amount of the sauce on my cock, and put a little on and in my asshole as well, to keep me squirming the night away. She let me get close one last time and then stopped again.

"Nighty night. Hope you manage to get some sleep, you'll need it for what I have planned tomorrow."

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