May 15 2023 - May 15 2023

Beethoven Movie: 2023-05-15

Watched the Beethoven movie with the kids the other day, as I recently saw some reviews of it and it reminded me how much I loved the movie as a kid. Lot of the reviews were a bit negative or at least very critical of the writing and plot, and the villains. To me the villains were just kind of there to move the movie along, they weren't consequential, it was more the setting stage for the movie itself with the dog and the family and all the antics, and how much a dog can become part of a family.

The kids absolutely loved it, there were quite a few scenes that they were absolutely howling with laughter, I wish I was recording, and will try to record next time we watch more classics. I think that is something we need to remember when reviewing movies, that these were made for children to enjoy, and for adults to enjoy or not hate along with the children. We seem to take an adult lens to these movies when we should be trying to look at these movies through the lens of a child. With that in mind I would say Beethoven was an absolute hit and I look forward to future movies with the children. Perhaps I'll record them as we watch it to get those laughs, and do a post movie interview or something.

It reminds me of the reviews for the first Mario movie, the live action one. People were looking at the plot too seriously when it was just supposed to be that kind of 90s fun, the slime and ooze and drool that sticks in our minds, the non-cgi affects. Reminds me of Jurassic Park when they get slimed and drooled on. You could almost feel the stickiness through the TV, as they were actually covered in it instead of just graphic affects, they made it look more real to where you could almost feel it yourself. I think that was a big thing 90s movies did well, the sounds and the look that made you just feel along with it. Like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the visuals, the pollen will always be kind of in my mind.

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