Sep 04 2023 - Sep 04 2023

6 Years, Life Moves On: 2023-09-04

It has been 6 years since we have lost so much in the housefire now. For once I feel I am okay now, I have begun to really move on and build a good new life and home. I feel content this year, less and less I worry about replacing what was lost and just try to embrace what we do have now and create what can be in the future. I have stopped drinking this year, and for the most part haven't had any alcoholic beverages besides an occasional drink or a few exception nights. I have let go of my anger and rage, I have dealt with it and moved on from that point in my life. I am still dealing with the depression, have my ups and downs, weeks of being okay and then weeks of just kind of sullen despair, and a lot of moods in the middle as well. I am improving on that though trying different methods to find the balance that is right for me. I am focusing less on possessions or replacing things and more about just enjoying the moment. I have finally started to read books again this year. I have seen how great this community of ours can be, and I know there will always be kind people out there helping others.

I think I am in a good place now, going forward, and I understand it will be a never ending lifetime of healing. I am thankful for all my friends, past, present, future, who help me stay who I am, and change when I need to change. Thank you to everyone, always.

As of yesterday I have given up on my buy/sell groups. While I loved helping people have a respectful environment to conduct commerce Facebook was making it more and more difficult to run the groups. The number of spammers we were blocking was always increasing, and there were some good mod tools, but they would come and go. Like I just noticed the ability to tag "@admins" all the group admins at once is gone, but we get group quality violations for a post that was up for a minute that we didn't even have time to remove. Putting the group on post approval would add too much to the workload where we already try to keep up with mod alerts and member requests. Plus now I will have more time for my passion groups and real life.

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